In my life...

Seguindo a proposta musical de final de ano, véspera de casamento e aniversário (isso sem falar em Natal e Ano Novo) segue a letra de uma música maravilhosa, dos Beatles, mas que conheci através da voz de Rita Lee.
Perfeita para esse momento, quase meu "tema musical" nessa fase!!

There are places I'll remember 
In my life, though some have changed 
Some forever, not for better 
Some have gone and some remain 
All these places had their moments 
With lovers and friends I still can recall 
Some are dead and some are living 
In my life I've loved them all 
But of all these friends and lovers 
There is no one compares with you 
And these memories lose their meaning 
When I think of love as something new 
Though I know I'll never lose affection 
For people and things that went before 
I know I'll often stop and think about them 
In my life I'll love you more 

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Lu Geiger disse...

So meaningful, isn't it?
Thank God you're alive!
See you soon - I hope so!